Paddle Board Rental

Slingshot Crossbreed 11 Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board


 From relaxing summer days on the beach with family and friends to backcountry adventures in pristine lakes and streams, Slingshot’s Crossbreed inflatable SUP board is your ticket to user-friendly fun in the great outdoors. Pack it in, pump it up and explore places you’d never get to with a hardboard. 

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Stohlquist Escape Lifejacket


It has efficient forward pull adjusters at the sides that offer extra security against ride-up, while padded adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to wear all day, and just in case you end up in unlit situations you can rest easy because of the reflective accents.  

Werner Vibe Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle


 The Werner Vibe Adjustable Stand-Up Paddle is a recreational paddle that reaches a new performance level. It lets you easily resize length and share with the gang.

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